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Monday, 21 May 2018

Comparing the Taylor Made M4 to the M2

Every year Taylor Made launches a new driver. This year the M4 replaces the 2017 M2. A valid question is how much of a difference there is between the two. A couple of days ago we put this to the test. I compared both using a Trackman Launch Monitor.

I hit 24 drives with each club. Alternating from one to the other after 3 shots so not to get used to swinging just the one driver. The ball was teed at the same height for both drivers. Both drivers had 10.5 degrees of loft. The same Accra 372T M4 shaft was used in both drivers, which played at 45 inches. The ball that was used was the Titleist Pro V1. It was a nice May day, temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius and a helping breeze (around 8mph).

The main performance numbers that we looked are were club head speed, ball speed, carry, total distance, accuracy, launch angle and spin rates. Ultimately the main ones to be interested in are ball speed, carry, total distance and accuracy. Essentially a driver can be longer, more accurate or both. This is what we look for in drivers, there isn't much point in changing a driver unless the performance improves.

For the M4, the changes are the 'Twist Face' and 'Hammerhead' technology, the Twist Face changes the roll and bulge on the face potentially leading to more accuracy and the Hammerhead increases ball speed leading to more distance.

Here are the results.

Clubhead Speed(mph)
Ball Speed
Launch Angle
Spin Rate
Carry (yards)
Total Distance
Height (feet)
Distance from target (ft)

The results are interesting.

Club and ball speed are identical. The M4 does give more distance and accuracy. It was 3.2 yards longer carry and 2.7 yards longer over all. It was 5.53 feet closer on average to the target which is 14.2% closer. Launch angle and height were both higher in the M4 too.



The M4 is this test does give longer distance and more accuracy. The distance is coming not from increased ball speed but a slightly higher flight, the launch angle was 1 degree higher and especially with a following wind this leads to just a little more carry. As the ball speeds were the same from the 2 drivers we can say that there is no real distance gain from the M4 over the M2. Distance ultimately comes from ball speed.

However there is an accuracy gain, 5.53 feet closer on average or 14.2%. This is a substantial enough improvement and does follow on from what Taylor Made are saying about increased accuracy from the Twist Face.

Should a golfer switch from an M2 to an M4? If they are looking for more accuracy, yes. If they're looking for more distance, no. The M4 does have a different sound then the M2 which can also influence the decision too.

If you have any questions, please comment.

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